Video: Dreamtime Alarm Clock by Vera Wiedermann
by Harry / January 22, 2012

Vera Wiedermann has created a very clever pendant glass alarm clock powered with water.

Resembling a mobile hanging from the ceiling, and consisting of four glass bowls and a hammer, Dreamtime begins when one of the glass containers is filled with water. Water slowly drips overnight into another glass container directly below which, once full, causes a hammer to fall and strike the other two glass bowls.


Says Wiedermann, "Social conventions are defined by time and success. Every day, we are pressured to complete many different tasks. This daily rhythm ignores our need to sleep, and yet it is sleep that makes this rhythm possible. We need to pay closer attention to sleep."


"By filling the alarm clock with water, we focus our attention on the duration of sleep. The task itself becomes a ritual which positively influences our rest. As opposed to the incessant ticking sound of a regular clock, here time passes silently and purely mechanically."


"As the drops of water fall, the glass bowl becomes lighter and finally lets the hammer fall. As the tone bounces between the singing bowls, we are gently awakened and a new day begins. Time is something hard to grasp, but sleep is an experience."


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