Dock Box by Alain Berteau
by Harry / January 18, 2012

Alain Berteau has created an oak wood pen holder for the desktop that can also double as an iPhone or iPad dock.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Dock Box

The Dock Box comes in two sizes, a version roughly the width of an iPhone and a wider version called Tray.


A groove inside the box serves to hold digital devices in place and a wooden cover hides tabling and chargers.


Dock Tray

Part of a collection titled New Basics for Objekten, Berteau also designed a wooden task lamp called Twist, a lens-shaped storage container and a ball shaped salt and pepper grinders.


Twist lamp

Per Objekten, "Playful, sculptural, the twist lamp system is made of beautifully crafted oak parts coming from harvested forests, combined with lasting LEDs components and stainless steel connectors."


Lens Box

"Lens-shaped storage box, a gorgeous sculptural touch, suitable for discreet magazine or accessories storage."



"High-quality ceramic grinder made in Denmark. Assembled in Brussels by Tamawa workshops."


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