MOCO'11: From sawdust to furniture with lasers
by Harry / December 29, 2011

The MOCO review of 2011's notable objects & architecture continues... In March we saw something we really wanted to be real. Maybe too much.

Up until then the promise of commercial 3D printing, much of it selective laser sintering, relied on plastic (small particles of which that get fused) for relatively small scale objects.

On March 31st we got word that a new material was now available for 3D printing - wood! Literally sawdust that could be printed and that might eventually be used for larger scale objects. We instantly had visions of 3D printed wood tables and chairs, furniture fabs in every major city, designers creating wood objects that could never have been made before and large unnamed 4-letter furniture makers getting crushed, flatpacked once and for all. We fell for it. It was March 31st, not April 1st. To dream.

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