Flock Lampshade by Riccardo Bovo
by Harry / December 8, 2011

Riccardo Bovo's Flock Lampshade is less about shading light and more about shifting paradigms, from an industrial age to an informational one.

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In fact, Flock Lampshade is a "Design-Fabrication MicroSystem"; software that lets the user customize the lampshade and an open source 3D printer that produces it.

Says Bovo, "The design is constantly redefined in shape by the interaction of the user with the system, and in a moment is ready for production, so suddenly the time between design phase and production phase drops to 0. What will be built is a frozen instant of that simulation, one of the thousand possibilities that are generated."

Flock Lampshade is one of several 3D printed works that will be exhibited in Send to Print / Print to Send at the Aram Gallery from January 13th to February 25th, 2012.

+ thearamgallery.org
+ riccardobovodesign.net


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