IMM Cologne D3 Preview: Gravity Stool by Jolan van der Wiel
by Harry / December 7, 2011

Jolan van der Wiel will be showing Gravity Stool, literally made with magnetism, at the upcoming D3 Talents exhibition during IMM Cologne.

Says van der Wiel, "As a designer, I see future potential in the joined cooperative forces combining technology with natural phenomena." The Gravity Stool gets its unique shape from magnetic fields and the power of gravity.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Using a plastic, actually plastic particles with metal cores, developed especially for the purpose, "the positioning of magnetic fields in the machine, opposing each other, has largely determined the final shape of the Gravity Stool."


The machine consists of wooden frames and magnets that shape the soft, very malleable plastic. "The forms and products are characterized by the freakish and organic shapes that are so typical of nature itself."


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