DMX LED Motorlight Wall Light System by Jake Dyson
by Harry / November 29, 2011

Designer Jake Dyson has created a wirelessly controlled, motorized wall mounted light to provide a tight beam or wide wash of light depending on the need and the desired environment.

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The Motorlight Wall is the next generation in variable angle uplights and can be appointed singularly or as a series. It uniquely allows the user to choose a beam of between 10 and 120 degrees, providing a tight beam or wide wash of light.

Operated via a remote control that can power up to 30 lights simultaneously, the remote can control the shaft of light and brightness on each luminaire individually or as a group. The motorized shutter smoothly opens between maximum and minimum angle on a 24 second cycle.

Motorlight Wall will be shown at the SCIN Gallery, a new Clerkenwell based Materials and Architecture Sourcing Gallery and Library, where the notion of light control will be explored during their event Cut Out The Light which opens December 1 and runs through December 23, 2011.


Cutitout by Noma Bar

Cut Out The Light looks at both the artistic and engineered opportunities to interfere with light in collaboration with graphic artist Noma Bar as well as product designer and lighting engineer Jake Dyson.

Noma Bar will explore a range of materials offered by The SCIN Gallery that work by either pulling in light to interact with them or forcing light to remain within the material as light takes the form of the negative space in his work.


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