Collection of Light by Humans Since 1982
by Harry / November 22, 2011

Per and Bastian from studio Humans Since 1982 have assembled and arranged a collection of various light emitting diodes to "expose each illuminant as a worthy industrial product", and make a lamp.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


The limited edition lamp project, called a Collection of Light, is simply a collection of LEDs which together constitute the lamp. Arranged in a glass covered presentation case, the goal is to create an aura of a real collection, similar to a collection of insects, and expose each LED as a worthy industrial product.


The LEDs are all labeled with their name, size and colour temperature, and "arranged in a specific order to accomplish harmonic light."


The prototype seen here contains approximately 300 selected LEDs. Two smaller versions contain 150 LEDs and 90 LEDs respectively.


For the 90 and 150 version Per and Bastian refurbished and reused original 70 year old insect-collection drawers from the Museum of Natural History Stockholm (Naturhistoriska Museet).


A prototype is currently exhibited at Phillips de Pury in London.


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