Tomorrow Is Another Day by Mathieu Lehanneur
by Harry / November 22, 2011

Originally intended for the palliative care unit of a hospital, Tomorrow Is Another Day is a weather station video which projects an image of tomorrow’'s weather on a daily basis, highlighting the permanence, and impermanence, of things.


Designed by Mathieu Lehanneur for the Diaconesses / Croix-Saint-Simon Hospital Group, Tomorrow is another day "flys in the face of the inevitability of approaching death" for patients in their palliative care unit.


Says Carpenters Workshop Gallery (where it will be previewed in Paris) the projector "eludes the inevitable course of time by offering everyone an insight to tomorrow’s sky thanks to the compilation of weather information gathered in real-time on the Internet."


"‘The luminous– atmospheric and impressionist – image of this sky is projected through the network of a honeycomb structure, appearing both like a sculpture and a celestial globe.’"


Tomorrow Is Another Day "provides food for thought regarding the permanence and impermanence of things, about the principles of uncertainty, ineluctability and spirituality, allowing everyone to be a day ahead of time itself... "


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