Pendola Clock by Samuel Wilkinson & Joe Wentworth
by Harry / November 10, 2011

London based industrial designers Samuel Wilkinson and Joe Wentworth have created a hanging, swinging clock with the clock face in the pendulum.

Pendola is a wall mounted pendulum clock that has a smooth, relaxing continuous swing. Says Wilkinson, "The calming rhythm helps to slow down users in its environment much like an old grandfather clock. The pendulum is not motorised but it magically driven as it passes over a small tab that is fixed below the clock."

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Pendola consists of a solid wood arm connected to an analogue clock with a bevelled edge glass cover.


The "magic drive" for Pendola is created by a sensor placed at the bottom of the clock face that creates a magnetic pulse as it passes over the small tab set below the clock.


"The pulse creates an attraction to the magnets set within the fixed tab. This attraction, lasting only a fraction of a second, is sufficient to maintain a continuous swing. The length of the arm is set to ensure the clock has a smooth rythmic swing of 1 second."


Pendola, along with Biome, was developed for an exhibition titled Slow Tech - Designs for Digital Downtime at trend agency Protein's exhibition space last month. The exhibition was curated by Henrietta Thompson, editor-at-large at Wallpaper*.

Photos: Sylvain Deleu.


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