1:1 by David Tsai
by Harry / November 8, 2011

Houston Community College artist in residence David Tsai has created a box for 1:1 communication between two people "for conversation with fewer visual or audible distractions."

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Says Tsai, "Conversation versus updates. Today, communication and social media are increasingly entwined. Our attention is easily fractured by constant updates, tweets, alerts and texts. Short bursts of text can be useful, but serve as a poor substitute for a conversation."


"The prevalent form of 1:1 is a box, presenting each person as an avatar, a physical screen presence. 1:1 is for conversation with fewer visual or audible distractions. Inside walls are lined with acoustic material to minimize sounds from coming in and going out."


"1:1, just like skype and facetime, but without the time lag and infinite resolution!"


+ davidtsai.net


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