Core Deco by Matt W. Moore
by Harry / October 26, 2011

Graphic artist Matt W. Moore is branching out into functional object design with the launch of Core Deco. The first collection includes coasters, shelving, and jacquard afghans - all featuring Moore's distinctive graphic art.

(Click the images below for full sized images)

Ceramic Tile Coaster Set

Says Moore, "Timeless geometry is alive and well... on your coffee table." Ceramic Tile Coaster Sets come in sets of four, each with it's own diagonal graphic design.


Diamond Corner Shelf

The Diamond Corner Shelf is a unique five level shelf for a favorite corner. "A conversation piece in any room. Many opportunities for dynamic shadow play depending on light source. Plenty of storage space for choice books, knickknacks, and other treasures."



Modular Corner Shelf Set

The Modular Corner Shelf is a simplified version of the Diamond Corner Shelf. "This 3 shelf system is designed for any corner and can be arranged however you like. Lots of wild shadows and environmental optical illusions."

Jacquard Afghans

The Jacquard Loom woven afghans are made to "keep you cool on the beach and warm on the couch. 3 different Op-Art graphics. 'Crystal' [below] features a faceted triangulation array, 'Ripple' celebrates a melting topographical map aesthetic, and 'Archery' is a skewed mosaic of the MWM logo."



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