Analogia #001 by Andrea Mancuso & Emilia Serra
by Harry / October 25, 2011

Using merino wool on a grid of fishing lines designers Andrea Mancuso and Emilia Serra created an an ethereal experience for architect Will Alsop's "A Few Friends" exhibition during the recent London Design Week.

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Says Mancuso, "Analogia #001 is an alteration of space perception, an ethereal experience provoking the spectator to reinvestigate the functionality of the objects surroundings them."


Analogia #001 presents depictions of furniture and accessories made with variably sized Merino wool on a net of fishing lines fixed from ceiling to floor and from wall to wall. The space was analysed with 3D software in order to position the fishing lines that created the framework for the "sketching-wool".


"Having the basic structure we explored the intriguing freedom of drawing in the air. The name derives from the italian word for analogy and the concept grew during the process of its construction."

Photos: Andrea Mancuso


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