Extratoof Pendant by Matali Crasset
by Harry / October 17, 2011

French designer Matali Crasset has created a "talisman" for Blobterre, an artificial and imaginary garden created for an exhibition at the Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Created for les ├ęditions du centre Pompidou & Le Buisson, the Extratoof pendant design exploits "jewellery's natural passion for plants and flowers" says Crasset. As the Blobterre is a world with its own species, with strange names like domosquelettes, intratoof, nervup, etc., "The idea to design a piece of jewellery came naturally".


With Extratoof, a piece of Crasset's imaginary Blobterre world can now be worn as a pendant: made of silver, it has a tree structure made up of seven elements which enclose a red agate in its centre.

Extratoof is a limited edition of 250 available from Le Buisson & les ├ęditions du Centre Pompidou.

+ matalicrasset.com
+ lebuissonparis.fr


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