Antic Biotec Vinegar Maker by eliumstudio and Duende Studio
by Harry / September 23, 2011

France's eliumstudio and Duende Studio have collaborated to create a home vinegar maker based on "antique biotech".

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eliumstudio was invited by Duende Studio to reconsider the "vinaigrier" (french for vinegar maker), an accessory that's common to country kitchens.


Antic biotec blends the wine bottle and the pipette, common to oenologists and scientists, to offer a new "noble tasting ritual, highlighted by the delicacy of the blown glass and porcelain."


Says eliumstudio, "vinegar is one of the very first biotechnology applications developed by man using acetic bacteria to change wine into a completely new product."

"A preciosity of the often ignored vinegar that Nick Toshes was already pointing out in the opening of his mythical Confessions d'un chasseur d'opium (Confessions of an Opium Hunter): 'Those people who know that the true soul of wine is vinegar, hold the key to the only worthy knowledge concerning wine. The wonderful taste becomes apparent by drinking shots of these mature and rare vinegars labelled da bere: the real thing is a far cry from the industrial crap masked with pretentious epithets.'"


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