CADCAM Tableware by Minale-Maeda
by Harry / September 20, 2011

Minale-Maeda have created a collection of porcelain tableware that resembles machine parts.


Juxtaposing craftsmanship and technology, the collection is called CADCAM for the computer aided design and manufacturing process by which it was made.


Says Minale-Maeda, "it connects the contemporary perception of goods - food or tableware for example - with their production practices."


"Apart from resulting in a playfully and etiquette-eschewing set of tableware resembling a jumble of machine parts the process is a reflection on realism and convenience in manufacturing goods."


A set consists of a small plate, large plate, small cup, medium cup, large cup, small bowl, large bowl, jug, carafe, and jar. The collection features bisque, transparent glaze, colour gradient, colour block, screen tone block and luster finishes.


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