Once upon a time... by Ontwerpduo
by Harry / September 12, 2011

Designers Nathan Wierink and Tineke Beunders have oufitted a room in a 16th century mansion with works based on fairy tales.

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Says Ontwerpduo, "Once upon a time we were asked to design a room in an extraordinary house. A 16th century mansion in a beautiful garden with a long history made us feel like we stepped into a fairy tale. No wonder this became the theme for the design."


The room features 10 pieces based on different fairy tales, or themes from fairy tales, such as: The Secret Room, Genie In A Bottle, Princess And The Pea, Sleeping Beauty, etc.


All the pieces were made in The Netherlands, most in the Ontwerpduo workshop, with some of pieces made in other workshops "like the glass museum, the textile museum and the metal factory."


"We used techniques as embroidery, glass blowing, laser cutting, weaving, cnc cutting, and many more. Leading colour is green, together with natural material and colours."

Photos: Reluct

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