Danish Crafts Collection 15
by Harry / September 2, 2011

At the upcoming Maison&Objet show in Paris, Danish Crafts will be launching 31 design items in a brand new collection titled Crafts Collection 15. Above, from CC15, Bottle Dish by Bettina Schori.

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Here's a selection of our favorites from the CC15 collection.


Bottle Dish by Bettina Schori

Bettina Schori's Bottle Dish is made of recycled glass bottles that are melted down to make the sculptural flower-shaped dish. The dish consists of 8-10 bottles and can be made of soda or beer bottles and thus comes in a variety of colours and sizes. "To Bettina Schori, bottle glass is ideal for recycling, as it is easy to get hold of. She challenges the limitations of the material by sawing, drilling, sandblasting, polishing and heating it in her efforts to give the bottles a new, long life, for example as this decorative bottle dish."


Marbelous Wood by Pernille Snedker Hansen

Pernille Snedker Hansen's Marbelous Wood is a pinewood floor decorated with a marbling technique (from bookbinding!). The pattern reflects the growth ring patterns in the natural wood.

"The unique ornamentation of the wood is perceived with renewed visual intensity. The ornamentation of the wood itself has been enlarged and intensified. The wooden planks are made one by one, and thus each floor board acquires a unique pattern of coloured stripes."


Ding Jewelry by Josephine Winther

Josephine Winther's Ding Jewelry is a body of work that focuses on various metal alloys and the sounds they produce. The bell idea comes from a study of sounds and an interest in addressing the audible aspect of metal. "All the bell necklaces are made in different alloys and shaped by hand thus they are unique and produce different sounds." Says Winther, "I want the sounds to be perceived as objects moving around between us. My work is about listening."


Office Tools by Thomas Wagner

Thomas Wagner's Office Tools is a series of desktop office tools made of wood and metal. The wood forms the basis for each product, while the metal plates unfold the function. "The series has simple standard dimensions, which are repeated from object to object. This helps simplify production while also ensuring a shared dynamics across the product series. Thomas Wagner seeks to create products with integrated solutions to address the stress and the clutter that come with a busy desk."


Ribbon by Akiko Kuwahata

Akiko Kuwahata's Ribbon is a hook for jackets, hats or scarves made of steam-bent compressed beech wood. "The shape arose when Akiko Kuwahata played with a leftover piece. When the compressed wood is bent, it naturally forms this beautiful shape, which is ideal for hanging clothes and which will not leave a dimple in the back of the jacket."

Danish Crafts will be showing their Crafts Collection 15 at Maison&Objet Paris from September 9th to 13th, 2011.

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