Depot Basel 2011: Concentration Chair by Max Lipsey
by Harry / September 1, 2011

The first edition of Depot Basel, "a temporary place for contemporary design", is now under way in a former grain silo in Basel, Switzerland. Above, Concentration Chair by Max Lipsey.

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Table by Damien Gernay

For this first edition nine designers (Camille Blin, Damien Gernay, Florian Hauswirth, Kaspar Hamacher, Julien Renault, Max Lipsey, Mieke Meijer, Tobias Schäfer and Tristan Cochrane) were invited to produce pieces in a temporary workshop in the former silo. They spent five days in that location creating objects that "entered into a dialogue with the building and its distinctive silo structure".


Bench by Tobias Schafer

Per the organizers, "'What does the future DEPOT BASEL need to operate as a place for contemporary design'? was the starting point of a dialogue. The designers delivered the answers in form of a unique infrastructure and 21 pieces that form the core of the location for the upcoming year and for upcoming occurrences." Thus, the works created during the 5-day workshop will remain in the silo, as an integral part of the space and incorporated in future exhibitions.


Desk by Mieke Meijer

"A depot in a museum or gallery is where currently disused pieces of work are stored, it is on this basis that they are called: DEPOT BASEL. The difference is they show, not store." The goal of Depot Basel is to relocate the hidden to the viewable and introduce new work by various designers, including "stories of everyday life, commissioned pieces, forgotten objects".


Table by Camille Blin and Julien Renault

"DEPOT BASEL considers design as a craft, where an understanding of materials, processes and users behavior makes a connection. We are convinced that there is a need to reflect on craft and design and quality and responsibility in design".


Seating by Florian Hauswirth

Depot Basel is organized by Verein für Anspruchsvolle Alltagskultur (the "Association For Demanding Everyday Culture"), a group made up of designers, journalists, design theorists and an economist. Say the organizers, "We are not a fair, nor a festival. Not a museum, a showroom or a gallery. We are a temporary place for contemporary design, with the best intentions until 2012".


Shelves by Tristian Cochrane

Depot Basel opened on Saturday, 27th August 2011 and the exhibition runs until
Sunday, 4th September 2011 but can be also visited by appointment.


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