Wardrobe System By Hierve
by Harry / August 14, 2011

Mexico's Hierve has created a sustainably built modular storage system for clothing that takes as a starting point traditional wardrobes and glass cabinets.

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Designed to be visually light, soft and transparent, the wardrobe system provides a wide range of volumetric plays, color combinations, lighting effects and reflections to enrich the visual experience of the interior space.


The system consists of a series of modules and bases that can be mixed together and configured as needed.


Two types of bases, straight and basket, are available as are four categories of modules; clean clothes (for hanging clothes, with shelves, for hanging long clothes and with drawers), semi-clean clothes (one module which allows the ventilation of clothes already in use) laundry (a module with two easily removed laundry bags, one for color clothes and one for white clothes) and accessories (two modules, one for storing bags and purses and the other for shoes and boots).


The system can also be used as a showcase for other domestic objects such as paintings, photographs, ceramics, etc. By making minor adjustments to its measurements new modules can be created for jewelry, books, electronic equipment, wine bottles, cigars, safe box, and the storage of kids clothes.


Photos: Nicola Tree

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