Tangle Globe Pendant Light by Tord Boontje
by Harry / August 11, 2011

Tord Boontje has created a new glass design for Artecnica that combines clear glass and etched metal "reminiscent of museum glass cases that preserve samples of luxurious, exotic vegetation found in remote, pristine jungles."

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Tangle Globe Tord Boontje

Artecnica will be launching the Tangle Globe as part of a new collection in New York and Paris later this month and next. The Tangle Globe contains elements of Boontje's now iconic Garland light encased in a simple glass globe with a light source at its center.



Says Artecnica, "a new etched metal Tangle was specifically designed to be encased in the Globe to achieve both an exotic natural appearance and levels of high light reflectivity. The Globe and the Tangle can also be used individually; while the Globe can also be used in conjunction with any Garland."


Tangle light by Tord Boontje

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