M. & Mme Table by Valentin Loellmann
by Harry / August 8, 2011

Valentin Loellmann has added some new works to his M. & Mme furniture collection, a collection that contrasts "the natural and the technical".

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Begun in early 2010, the M. & Mme Collection is a family of fantastical objects with furniture characteristics, each with its own "lively individual character" says Loellmann, "that evokes a feeling of childhood curiosity and wonder."


Loellmann's curiosity towards materials and their stories, their provenance, their use over time, adds narrative to the individual pieces, as he says, "The traces of oil and salt water in the bankirai wood that is used in the pieces presents a nostalgia towards their previous lives as ship planks".


More from Valentin Loellmann:

As time goes by, generations come and go. Birth and growth are as inherent to life as decay and death. The only thing that seems to escape the ravages of time is a narrative; a shared story growing stronger with each new generation that tells it. Although this narrative travels and might change along the way, it can always be traced back to its solid roots through a shared body of characteristics, moods and memories.

The collection 'M.&Mme' by Valentin Loellmann investigates in what ways this holds through in his own practice. The pieces he makes have always developed from a curiosity; a curiosity towards materials, their travels and the stories they tell. With this project, Valentin aspires to use the stories of his materials in order to create new and strong narratives with them. The traces of oil and salt water in the bankirai wood that is used in the pieces presents a nostalgia towards their previous lives as shipplanks, but the old craftsmanship experienced within this material is provided with the distinct contemporary signage of the creator. In this manner, his pieces tell both the old stories of the materials as well as the new chapters the designer adds to these narratives. Built up around the idea of the family, M.&Mme is a long-term project to which new pieces will be added each year, giving expression to the organic growth of a narrative that runs as a red thread through this collection. Although pieces might travel and their forms might alter or grow as the designer changes and develops, their shared mood and characteristics will always provide traces of the strong body from which they grew.

By introducing a human element within his collection, Loellmann deliberately blurs the boundary between object and subject. Since the pieces on show do not only get their meaning from their individual production but also from their relation to one another and the story that connects them, it becomes unclear whether you experience one object or many, whether their aim is purely functional or also relational, whether you produce or create or whether you obtain or adopt.

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