Plant Lamp by Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille
by Harry / August 2, 2011

Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille's Plant Lamp, a table lamp with a plant-like patterned metal base and a glass bell jar shade, was one several standouts at Turin's Operae exhibition last year.

Here are a few more,

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Book Tables by Quattrodnoi

The exhibition, to be held in Turin from November 4th to 6th this year, features both national (Italian) and international designers that present "self-made products" - products produced by the designers themselves.


Dotto (duct) Containers by Matteo Zetti and Eva Parigi

Say the organizers, the Turin "city centre becomes an attractive and vast marketplace where items belonging to totally different commodity classes are put on display."


Plant Lamp by Jos Kranen and Johannes Gille

As for Kranen/Gille's work, "All their pieces seem to breathe industrial revolution with a whiff of natural structures reminiscent of the photography of Karl Blossfeldt."


Vanitas R211-0001 Porcelain Vanity Items by Fleur Thio

Fleur Thio's Porcelain Vanity Items are built up from porcelain sheets that are imprinted with 'e-waste' (various parts of computers, cel phones, radios, speakers).


Reading Lamp by C12 Collective

Anita Donna Bianco's Reading Lamp for C12 consists of simple wireframe "outline" of a lamp with a spare bulb and a base held in place with the very books to be read with its light.


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