Slideshow by Tjeerd de Jong
by Harry / July 29, 2011

Tjeerd de Jong's HKUgraduation project began with a collection of un-used slides and resulted in a light-object containing 2016 frames.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Says de Jong, "It was a challenge for me to make a sculptural object with such a simple, practical product. The aim was to get to essence of the product and relive the atmosphere and nostalgic feeling from old times by making a light-object, which projects the entire space."


"The concept of this light-object is based on telling a story like in a old-fashioned slideshow. This story is about me, as a closure of the study. Each of the 2016 frames contains a picture form my own archive: inspiration, models, sketches, etc."


"In short ideas and memories, which made me to the designer I am now. the black slides represent the future and form a silhouette on the wall, summarizing the story."


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