The Share Apartment by Wall Studio
by Harry / July 28, 2011

Wall Studio have created a space-optimized apartment in space-at-a-premium Hong Kong by emphasizing multi-functionality throughout.

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The apartment design, just 80 square meters, allows for spaces to be shared based on different scenarios throughout a typical day. True to its name, the project encourages users to interact and "share" to minimize wastage of space and maximize functionalities.


Says Wall, "By re-organizing corridors and rooms that are rarely used in a day into a space for possibilities, you can always have a visiting guest, have a morning indoor gym hour, extending a library for daughter to work and running space for pets in a compact apartment."


"The layout is first started with an open plan which allows sunlight and air to penetrate inside. At the centre core of the unit, a multi-functional space is inserted. A pair of fluted glass doors is used to separate the living area with private areas."


"By flipping out the concealed working desk and bookshelf, the core combines with the daughter's room and become a library. It can also be shared to mom as a gym room with the TV provided and storage for fitness machine. And at the master bedroom's foyer, a bed-cum-study desk is installed."


"So the foyer can be either transformed into a master study room for dad or a bedroom for guest. At the living area, a continuous wall system has concealed equipments, a guest bathroom, a maid room, and storage units. It has created a sense of unity from entrance to inside, plus an organized matrix for different functions to fit in."


"With spaces smartly shared and transformed, un-useable spaces are minimized and at the same time maintaining a clean and spacious living environment even a large number of rooms and functions are inserted."


"This apartment has demonstrated a strategy in moulding a Hong Kong's compact living module with interaction and surprises."







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