Skate 1.0 by Electroland
by Ted Savage / July 21, 2011

An "abstract virtual skate park," SKATE 1.0 immerses visitors in 12-channels of skateboarding sound, synced with 300,000 lumens of pure white light from 60 dimmable fluorescent tubes. Sunglasses advised.

Says Electroland, "SKATE 1.0 is an abstract virtual skate park manifested through an immersive light and sound installation. 60 four‐foot HO fluorescent lights with dimmable electronic ballasts and a 12.2‐channel sound system generate 300,000 lumens of pure white light attitude. Skater sounds travel above, below, around and through the viewer while the lights register their movement and intensity."

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"We see the SKATE 1.0 installation as an opportunity to create iterative spatial experiments, using sound and light to create an immersive sensorial experience. The only reference to a specific subject or context is sounds made by skateboards; otherwise the physical installation is extremely abstract and minimal."


"Skate sounds are grating and violent, and we want to investigate how lights can correspond, counter or reinforce sounds. In our installation, the violence and movement of the skate sounds is well represented by the extreme changes in light intensity and light movement, but in other ways muted by the softer qualities of fluorescent lights, which exhibit a brief delay when turned on and a slight decay when turned off."


"The empty and minimal visual appearance of the installation is an interesting counterpoint to the complex skate sounds and the real‐world context from which they come."


"After the conclusion of the COME IN! 2: SURF.SKATE.BIKE exhibition we intend to experiment with other sounds and accompanying light movements. We think of each of our programmable installations as unique musical instruments; once created, we have to learn how to play them and extract a resonant experience."


SKATE 1.0 is an installation at the COME IN! 2: SURF.SKATE.BIKE exhibition, A+D Museum, Los Angeles.


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