5x5: Top 5 Most Liked Tech
by Ted Savage / July 18, 2011

5x5 is five days of Top 5's from the MoCo archives, with a unifying theme. This edition: People's choice! A collection of your most Liked over the last few months, a category a day... Day 5: Tech.

1. TMA Headphones by KiBiSi

Ultimate music listening gear, TMA Headphones are "tested and tweaked by the world's most skilled DJs," rugged and durable, designed by Kibisi in anti-skid matte black and logo-free, with superbly accurate music reproduction and excellent bass. First noted in pre-launch, nearly two years ago, now going strong as the TMA-1 from Aiaiai.


2. Wireless Charging Technology From eCoupled

eCoupled Wireless Charging Technology is a resonant magnetic induction system that charges everything from laptops to electric vehicles without physical contact. Look for that eCoupled-enabled device!


3. ASUS Bang & Olufsen NX90

Curiously marketed as a notebook, the ASUS Bang & Olufsen NX90 is a sleek aluminum multimedia powerhouse with an 18.4" screen, dual touchpads, B&O ICEpower sound with the "highest-powered notebook amplifier available today" and oversized resonance chambers "10 times larger than those found on regular notebooks"...and the feature list goes on. Designed by David Lewis.


4. Griffin + Chilewich iPhone Cases

Griffin + Chilewich iPhone Cases offer an outer layer of Chilewich's trademarked Mini Basketweave woven vinyl textile, the skin to the Griffin-designed impact-resistant polycarbonate shell. Digital tech accessory design and textile design, united.


5. T.25 City Car by Gordon Murray Design

Tiny urban supercar, the T.25 City Car is a 74-mpg, 3-seater, optimised through design for "strength, performance, weight, cost, safety, usability, tooling, quality, energy efficiency, recyclable and ease of assembly." Three T.25s can fit in one parking spot.


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