5x5: Top 5 Most Liked Eco
by Ted Savage / July 17, 2011

5x5 is five days of Top 5's from the MoCo archives, with a unifying theme. This edition: People's choice! A collection of your most Liked over the last few months, a category a day... Day 4: Eco.


1. Slow Sofa by Frederik Roijé

Local-minded, Slow Sofa is a versatile nine-part modular unit, inspired by the Slow Food movement to use sustainable materials and local construction.


2. Photosynthesis Lamp by Meirav Barzilay

A light saver, Photosynthesis Lamp not only illuminates with an energy-saving bulb, it fuels growth of the vine incorporated into its metal grid shade.


3. Chair Tabletop Soccer by Jakob Maurer, Rupert Adlmaier & Thomas Egger

Junk-heap recycling resulted in this Chair Tabletop Soccer game, constructed from an old dresser, a kitchen table sitting on roller skates, a cooking pot for goals, with famous chair designs for players.


4. Growing Units by Magi&Co

For year-round tabletop gardening, Growing Units are self-contained, hydroponic microgardens, combining light, water and plant nutrients - everything a growing plant needs.


5. Abitudini Hangers by Antonello Fusè

For no-frills repurposing, Abitudini Hangers are made of the tops of chair backs. Broken chairs get a second life...


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