5x5: Top 5 Most Liked Architecture
by Ted Savage / July 16, 2011

5x5 is five days of Top 5's from the MoCo archives, all in a unifying theme. This edition: People's choice! A collection of your most Liked over the last few months, a category a day... Day 3: Architecture.

1. Beached House by BKK Architects

Playing with time and space, Beached House employs irregularly folded spaces - "volumetric origami" - to suggest a structure that has evolved over time.


2. The Pierre by Olson Kundig Architect

Providing vault-like protection, The Pierre is wedged in rock on an island off the coast of the US northwest, secure home to an art collector and collections.


3. Record House Revisited by David Jameson

Respectfully redesigned (as a condition of sale), Record House was remodeled after 40 years to retain the spirit of the original design, while visually connecting the interior to its woodland setting.


4. Elm House by Randy Brown Architects

Affordable and eco-friendly, Elm House features include bamboo floors, cement fiber board, native grasses requiring no irrigation, natural lighting, 1" low-e insulated glass, and a central stair [integrating] recycled cedar fencing.


5. L House by BCHO Architects

Completely sealable when unoccupied, L House is a weekend home for now, with plans to become the owners' full-time residence in a few years.


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