5x5: Top 5 Most Liked Furniture
by Ted Savage / July 15, 2011

5x5 is five days of Top 5's from the MoCo archives, all in a particular theme. This edition: People's choice! A collection of your most Liked over the last few months, a category a day... Day 2: Furniture.


1. Inception Chair by Vivian Chiu

Many Likes in the lead, the space-efficient Inception Chair is 10 progressively smaller chairs nested as one.


2. Ribbon Chair by Tom Vaughan

The no-assembly-required Ribbon Chair is a machine-sculpted chair made of one continuous "ribbon" of wood.


3. Plooop Chair by Timothy Schreiber

In the geometrically clever Ploop Chair, all of the functional elements - seat, backrest and legs - emerge from four continuous loops.


4. Pivot Desk and Pivot Vanity by Shay Alkalay

Slim-lined and unobtrusive, the Pivot Desk and Pivot Vanity lower into place.


5. Xistera Armchair by Samuel Accoceberry & Jean-Louis Iratzoki

A nook-for-one, the Xistera Armchair's alcove-shaped cane back and soft cushions create a cozy space to curl up in.


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