5x5: Top 5 Most Liked Lighting
by Ted Savage / July 14, 2011

5x5 is five days of Top 5's from the MoCo archives, all on a particular theme. This edition: People's choice! A collection of your most Liked over the last year, a category a day... Today: Lighting.

1. Pendant glass light/terrarium

Far and away the most Liked in this Top 5, a pendant glass light/terrarium (above), an eco-angled design, shown at the glass design studio of the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague.


2. Mushroom Leds by Chillichilly

Whimsical: Tiny light sculptures called Mushroom LEDs, combining LED lamps and found/recycled wood.


3. Basil Triptych by Enrico Zanolla

Historically loaded, Basil Triptych pays tribute to the onion domes of the St. Basil Cathedral in Moscow, where "the difference in colour and size comes from symbolic meanings assigned to every single dome."


4. Origami's Hunter by Verónica Posada

Philosophical and...crafty, Origami's Hunter is an abstraction of the traditional wall of a hunter, reinterpreted as a collection of lamps designed following the principles of origami. Included: a rhinoceros, a deer and a goat.


5. Morph Chandelier by Alicja Wasielewska

Tech-based, the Morph Chandelier is a delicate weave of ultra-modern optic fiber technology, based on the idea of a traditional crochet pattern.


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