Preview: Paris Design Week 2011
by Harry / July 12, 2011

Jean Couvreur's Pagode pendant lamp, above, is among the selected works of 60 young designers that will be showing at the first edition of Paris Design Week this September.


More than 70 showrooms, art galleries, and institutions will be taking part in the first edition of Paris Design Week which will take place from the 12th to the 18th of September. To date, some 60 talented young designers have been selected to exhibit together, to professionals, as individual elements part of free projects or as their own collection.

Here are some of the works that will be shown at Now! Le Off, a 1200 square meter space on the Docks en Seine open to young design and the avant-garde.


Didier Faustino Wild Things installation

According to the organizers, "Didier Faustino, older brother to the radical and rock'n'roll movements, architect, artist and designer, will set the tone and pave the way with the Wild Things installation, an urban shelter created for Virginie Despentes' new film (to be released autumn 2011), which signals an all-encompassing year for the Franco-Portugese designer.... with amongst others, the construction of his first villa for Solo Houses."


Bistable Shelves by Charles Kalpakian

Bistable is a collection of shelves in which "formal ambiguity is created through the projection of a three-dimensional image in two-dimensions, to create the perception of bistability." The object comes to life thanks to the bistable dynamic, that of having two states, 2D and 3D, as the interpretation spontaneously changes over the course of time.


Operio by Bina Baitel

Baitel, a young Parisian designer associated with the Next Level gallery, will present a series of new furniture pieces. The Operio sideboard is a piece where the material's fluidity draws on a solid and functional form.


The Other Volcano by Glitch Fiction

Glitch Fiction is a collective founded at the Royal College of Art that proposes "scenery objects for an activist design. It is a port of call, a border between fiction and reality as enjoyable as it is experimental, which enables the designers to explore a priori of fields far removed from the world of design; such as genetic manipulation, biopolitics and the artificiality of nature." During Paris Design Week Glitch will exhibit new projects by Austin Houldsworth, David Benque, Nicolas Myers, Facet, Thomas Thwaites, Nitipak Samsen, The Workers, Nelly Ben Hayoun et Good Wives and Warriors. Photo: Nick Ballon.


Do it Yourself tables by eliumstudio

Initially conceived for L'Express magazine at the request of Marion Vignal, this series of simple tables will finally be shown in public after having been put on hold. With a table-top, lampshade support and colored cord to unify the whole, it can all be put together by the user. "Eliumstudio is too often labelled as designers of industrial products, although here it simultaneously demonstrates a talent and sensitivity towards furniture with elegance and humour."


Office accessories in aluminium by Pauline Deltour

A young designer who went through the studios of Konstantin Grcic, Pauline Deltour is currently working with extruded aluminium to create a range of office accessories. Extrusion is the thermo-mechanical fabrication process through which a compressed material is forced through a mold of the piece being created. One can continuously produce a product of uniform shape, with no limitation of length or signs of deformity. She uses this process to obtain different elements from one form. Once the shape is extruded, it is cut on specific angles producing objects with very distinct silhouettes and configurations.


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