Column Glasses by Sebastian Bergne
by Harry / June 30, 2011

Sebastian Bergne has created a champagne glass designed to be stacked when full in a column for serving.

(Click the images below for full sized images)


Rather than placing glasses on a tray and serving from the tray, Column glasses fit into each other vertically to save on space and spillage.


This July Bergne will be exhibiting new food and drink related objects at the first Haute Cuisine exhibition in Paris - a festival of the "best in gastronomy, fashion and food design" taking place in the Jardins du Palais Royal.


Dizzy whiskey glass

Glassware projects including Column will be launched in addition to a whisky version of the classic "Dizzy glass that makes your head spin". On show for the first time in France will be ColourWare, the collaborative project by Bergne and colour artist, Sophie Smallhorn, and the unique Pipe glass, a co-production with Pigr Milan.


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