Lemonbow Downloadable Personalizable Swimwear by Ellis Droog & Romy van den Broek
by Harry / May 31, 2011

Designers Ellis Droog and Romy van den Broek in collaboration with Medialab Waag Society have teamed up to create a line of swimwear made without using thread and needle, instead they're exploring new digital production techniques.


Says Lemonbow, "Digital fabrication techniques, such as 3D printing and laser cutting, are irrevocably changing the design, distribution and production processes as we know them. We can download designs, alter them and produce personalized products at the push of a button."


A computer controlled laser makes it possible to fabricate on-demand swimwear with a near perfect fit. By measuring and entering points on the body the system will automatically convert the points into the right measurements which can then be sent to the laser cutter.


Lemonbow is showing their new line in Berlin at the DMY design fair.

+ lemonbow-swimwear.com


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