Implanted Nature by Luzinterruptus
by Harry / May 28, 2011

Luzinterruptus' latest urban art intervention is Implanted Nature, 50 small ecosystems "living in the harshest and greyest areas of Madrid city center".

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From Luzinterruptus:

As we have already said many times, we are outraged by the lack of "usable" green spaces in the center of Madrid and this is why we decided to go and seek out the timid little plants, which grow in the most unexpected places and do not dare to show themselves too much so as not to be slaughtered.

We wanted, in a symbolic sort of way, to protect and preserve them, which we did with small, portable greenhouses that sheltered them from the pollution and a large flock of animals to accompany them and live with them under their refuge. Of course we also placed our lights.

But we already knew that we were going to find few things for our purpose, having previously looked for them with little or no results, therefore we also provided small cuttings of hardy plants, the best quality soil to fill holes and a rooting product which helps them to grow in the worst conditions. With all of these things we carried out our intervention Implanted Nature.

The night of the 5th of May we took to the streets at midnight on our journey from MalasaƱa to LavapiƩs, we left 50 small ecosystems, living in the harshest and greyest areas of the city center.

In reality, the intention of this intervention was to make homage and call attention to the insignificant weeds which grow in the most unexpected places and which seem very beautiful to us, for their obstinance in surviving the harsh daily life and for their spontaneity.

Hopefully, some of the plants we left , have rooted in a crack, doorway or sewer and someone has noticed it...


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