Memoir Mirror by Joe Doucet
by Harry / May 24, 2011

A mirror that softens the morning after the night before with a golden hue and a 3D like geometric form was just one of several new works by Joe Doucet at Wanted Design.

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Memoir is part of a new collection called WHYTE LABEL that premiered at Wanted. Says Doucet, "Mirrors serve to provide us with a snapshot of ourselves at a specific moment in time. But we all have days when standard silver mirrors are a little too truthful for our liking - do we really need brutal honesty the morning after the night before? Memoir's golden hue and geometric configuration creates an art form that offers a wonderfully gilded reflection of ourselves."


Tretable is an elegant flat pack table made of marble that makes the most of the sheet of marble it's cut from. "It is said that good things come in threes. The simple slot construction of this triangular side table draws from the joinery techniques of 17th-century cabinetmakers to create a solid build and minimize wastage."


"By using marble rather than mahogany, WL07 'Tretable' introduces an unexpected material to this ancient joinery technique, creating a contemporary heirloom." No glue or fasteners are required for this surprisingly stable table.


The Venerate side table is a modern exercise in marquetry combined with a geometric shape that draws the eye in. "For centuries, master furniture makers prided themselves on the technique and artistic flourish allowed through marquetry using precious wood veneers. Somewhere along the way, veneer became regarded as the cheap alternative to solid wood and synonymous with superficial."


"Venerate showcases the beauty of wood veneer - in this case maple - while highlighting the importance of conservation, creating a table with joinery that would be virtually impossible to craft without wasting the better part of a solid block of wood."


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