Metropolis Collection by Lladró Atelier
by Harry / May 18, 2011

Fine porcelain maker Lladró presented their Metropolis collection of vases, lamps, mirrors and boxes at ICFF in New York this year.

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Shaped like retro futuristic buildings, the structures feature ornamented surfaces inspired by Moorish patterns.


Vase I

Says Lladró, "Metropolis is a collection with a huge evocative power, consisting of a series of functional objects such as vases, lamps, mirrors and boxes in the shape of buildings. As a whole, the structures make together a very original city, not realistic but suggestive of an imaginary or futuristic setting."


Vase II

"In Metropolis, the refined forms of these avant-garde buildings are well combined with the meticulousness and detail with which their textures are recreated, painstakingly ornamented like miniature embroidery, a hallmark of handcrafted work at Lladró."


Vase IV

Each piece in the collection is available in eight different colors that go from a clean white to anthracite, as well as different tonalities of grey, green and yellow.




Vanity Mirror


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