Bulldozer Lounge Chair by Mark Goetz and Efe Buluc
by Harry / May 17, 2011

Designers Mark Goetz and Efe Buluc have created a lounge chair with elements that resemble bulldozer parts.

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According to the designers the Bulldozer Lounge presents "a new visual language characterized by bold industrially produced elements connected in innovative ways. The Bulldozer Lounge is the first piece of a philosophy that magnifies human imagination and creativity rather than deriving inspiration from nature."


The chair is surprisingly comfortable despite the industrial appearance. As expected the red knobs will eventually allow for adjustment of the attached parts (it's a prototype). Bulldozer is made of aluminum with neoprene "upholstery".

From Mark Goetz and Efe Buluc:

About Mark Goetz: (born, 1963, Pennsylvania, USA) is an industrial designer. He received his degree (1986) in industrial design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. In addition, he has taught at Pratt as a Professor of undergraduate design and graduate furniture design since 1993. He has been responsible for numerous award winning seating and furniture collections for companies such as Bernhardt Design and Herman Miller. Over his twenty five year career, Goetz has participated in a wide array of exhibitions and lectured at conferences and universities throughout the world.

About Efe Buluc:* (born, 1975, Ankara, Turkey) is an industrial designer. He received both his undergraduate (1997) and masters (2001) degrees in industrial design from Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York. During his master studies at Pratt, he started experimenting with film to communicate his ideas on design, primarily the importance of time and expressing movement in stationary objects. After graduating, he pursued a conceptual path in design which achieved global acclaim through press and exhibitions and lectures. From 2007 to the present, he has been focusing on works for production, keeping the conceptual spirit alive. (*pronounced as F.A Buluch)

About Goetz and Buluc: Began collaborating in 1997 when they co-founded the renowned conceptual design group to22. Together, they produced a wide range of provocative works which created international influence. In 2007 they began a new creative collaboration, Mark and Efe.

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