"I definitely don't make things to make life easier."
by Harry / May 10, 2011

Almost everyone who met Tobias Wong has a moment. Words, actions, an event, that if you paid attention, you'd commit to memory forever. For friend and collaborator Frederick McSwain it was the way Tobias thought of himself and his work, and the way he worked.

"I no longer worry about what title people give me,
I'm happy being whatever fits the context.
I don't draft or create models/prototypes,
I don't problem solve,
and I definitely don't make things to make life easier."
- Tobias Wong

Says McSwain, "This was absolutely the way he thought & worked! He always carried pliers, double-stick tape, & a Dremel tool. His hands-on approach was so refreshing. No slick renderings, no bells & whistles, he would just show up with the real thing and demand attention."

The image up top? It's the starting point for McSwain's work to be presented this weekend at Brokenoff Brokenoff, an exhibition inspired by the life and work of Tobias Wong.


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