by Harry / May 9, 2011

Before Tobias Wong passed away last year, he and frequent design collaborator Josée Lepage had plans to bring together several New York designers for a collective show.

Says Lepage, "it's actually what tobi and i dialogued all the time about (this is from an email we were exchanging and this is exactly how he phrased it) 'BRING EVERYBODY BACK AND DO SOMETHING...'"

Nine designers with the help of Gallery R'Pure will be doing something starting this Saturday May 14th to 17th; a tribute to Tobias Wong called Brokenoff Brokenoff.

Say the organizers, "Brokenoff Brokenoff is an exhibition inspired by the life and work of Tobias Wong. Nine celebrated New York based designers have come together to interpret and reflect the work of Tobias through their unique and individual design sensibilities. Through the lens of Tobias we hope to gain new insight into our work by questioning our personal values, design process and the necessity of humor by remembering never to take life or yourself too serious."

The designers taking part:

Brad Ascalon
Dror Benshetrit
Todd Bracher
Stephen Burks
Joe Doucet
Josee Lepage
Frederick McSwain
Marc Thorpe
David Weeks

Gallery R'Pure
3 East 19th Street
New York, NY 10003

+ brokenoffbrokenoff.com


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