Circumflex Chair by Zoë Mowat
by Harry / May 2, 2011

Designer Zoë Mowat has created a more compact version of her Contain Writing Desk and a new, compact chair called Circumflex, above.


Circumflex Chair (click the image above for full sized image)

Mowat's playful Circumflex was inspired by the circumflex mark used in French punctuation (^) usually placed over a vowel to show that it is pronounced with rising and falling pitch.


Says Mowat, "Circumflex is an interpretation of the accent chair. Similar to a circumflex used in punctuation, the chair represents a lively change in tone. Simple details as well as the union of rich solid wood, lustrous plastic and bent steel, make the piece truly distinctive."


Contain Writing Desk (click the images above and below for full sized image)

Mowat has also made a more compact version of her Contain Writing Desk.


The desk features milled compartments for writing implements and desk accessories which can be covered to make a flat writing surface.


See our interview with Mowat here.


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