Firezo Note Board by Julie Richoz
by Harry / April 14, 2011

Design student Julie Richoz' Firezo table top note board suspends notes in mid-air above a pen and pencil tray. One of several designs second year industrial design students at Ecole Cantonale d'art de Lausanne (ECAL) have created in collaboration with Alessi for Milan Design Week 2011.

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The ECAL/Alessi in Milan exhibition is a showcase for desk and office objects designed by the Bachelor students in industrial design as a result of a workshop with Elric Petit (head of the ID Department at ECAL).


Firezo by Julie Richoz

The students conceived a series of new desk and office objects for the Italian brand. Says ECAL, "By considering the working space as a friendly and welcoming environment, they have come up with tools intended to provide some joy to their users.


Frana by Christophe Guberan

The Frana pencil box is characterized by a swing opening and closing system,


Spettro by Matthieu Girel

the Spettro flying saucer captures paper clips


Ora by Isaure Bouyssonie

and Ora is a clock mobile that suspends time. A collection of functional items that seem to make work lighter but not less efficient."

Presentation by Alberto Alessi:

"This small exhibition showcases the projects that the students of ECAL in Lausanne developed for us during a workshop in the autumn/winter of 2010. For over twenty years we have dedicated part of our activities to joint projects with international Design Schools and Universities. These are moments of great exchange where we try to offer the benefits of decades of experience, receiving new energies and innovative interpretations of the material world in return.

The projects revolve around the theme of the office and the home study: a product area that we have rarely tackled and, as such, an interesting opportunity for us to enrich the "Alessi Encyclopaedia". In recent months we have seen a series of very precise and varied proposals take shape, each responding to the same necessity of upgrading the classic work space by trying to make it more domestic, friendly and personal.

The result is a collection of single items connected not by form, but rather by their overall design harmony where innovation, as is often the case in the world of design, is gradually revealed through small but telling gestures. We are talking about naturally versatile objects that are suitable for use in real offices or to complete areas of the home.

I am amazed by how much enthusiasm and depth was given to analyse the single functions, by the freshness of expression in all proposals and the pleasant quest for simplicity in some of these. I believe that these excellent results can not only depend on the talent of each student but also on the competent and concrete learning method adopted.

Our work together does not end here: we still have to examine certain themes that require more time to evolve, as I hope some of these concepts will develop into authentic products. This is the best result anyone could expect from a workshop." Alberto Alessi

Photos: Julien Chavaillaz


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