Rhizome Lamp by Matali Crasset
by Harry / March 30, 2011

Lighting brand Arturo Alvarez will be showing several new pieces at Euroluce during Milan Design Week this year, including Matali Crasset's mobile-like Rhizome above.

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Rhizome Lamp by Matali Crasset

Named for rhizomatic structures (aka plant roots), the base element is used to create a waterfall-like shape that subtly diffracts light.


According to Arturo Alvarez, "The lighting source is protected by a core and diverted by white reflecting panels that generate brightness.  The endings amplify the gesture of the branches, give them personality and a contemporary flair."


Holes by Bertjan Pot

Also being presented at Euroluce, Bertjan Pot's Tyvek Holes, "Inspired by kites and maths it is a light made out of 20 triangles, 30 bars, 12 connectors and 57 small holes. Lots of beams of light escaping from a polyhedron and giving it life and freshness."



Woods by Héctor Serrano

Héctor Serrano's Woods pendant is inspired by the "magic of a forest, the light escapes through its majestic trees. The controlled chaos and the game played by light and shadow gives naturalness, character and a pleasant direct light where required."


"It adapts to large areas. A product in birch grown in responsibly managed forests, limited but safe enough packaging and an energy saving lighting source complete this concept of sustainability."


LE by Arturo Álvarez

Arturo Álvarez' LE floor lamp has a base that references tree branches but is made with plywood and has an LED light source.


"A mobile arm allows different movements. Putting the base in vertical gives an ambience light and if in horizontal gives us a working or reading desk light."

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