Sustainable (& Plant-based) BikeCare Products by Orontas
by Harry / March 9, 2011

Toronto-based Orontas is introducing a range of sustainable BikeCare products this spring. Derived from 100% sustainable sources, the high-performance biodegradable products are designed to protect from rust, eliminate noise and friction.

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BikeCare Lubricant

The BikeCare Lubricant is a high-performance chain oil for normal-to-wet conditions and is non-toxic, biodegradable and petroleum free.


BikeCare Cleaner

The BikeCare Cleaner is a non-toxic, biodegradable degreaser designed to loosen dirt and oil from bike chains. "BikeCare Cleaner is designed to get you back out on your bike quickly and safely - without wasteful aerosols, harmful chemicals, high-volume soapy fluids or complicated chain-washing-machine-things."


Plant-based Lube

The Plant-based Lube is a biodegradable, non-toxic all-purpose lubricant and anti-corrosive spray made from more than 70% sustainable material - including the propellant.

In addition to using a 100% recyclable can, the can is 10% lighter than 3-piece steel cans, emits 4.5x less CO2 than aluminum production, the labeling is paper, water and alcohol-free while the polymer coating eliminates the need for solvent-liners; reducing VOC's, energy and hazardous waste.


Waterproof Grease

The Waterproof Grease is a synthetic biodegradable and non-toxic all-purpose bearing grease with anti-corrosive and extreme pressure additives made from plant-based material.

And, to top it off, the Lubricant, Cleaner and Grease are "made with the wind" just outside of Toronto at a Health Canada inspected food-grade facility that uses 100% wind power.


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