This Week at Art MoCo
by sabine7 / March 11, 2011

This Week At Art MoCo: Lego Challenger, jailhouse portraits, industrial collages, bold twists and gentle still lifes. See the rest of the week at Art MoCo after the jump.

Sean Cordeiro and Claire Healy use Lego to illustrate the sorry end of the Space Shuttle Challenger.

Alyse Emdur pays homage to the anonymous artists behind prison murals and painted backdrops used for portraits inside.

The details of collages by Rosa Ruey are evocative of cogs in the machine, so intricate are the connections and workings within this industrial-toned series.

Bold, graphic patterns by Victor Kord make use of links, twists and repetition to pull in our gaze.

Ordinary objects take on a new aspect as the subjects of still life portraits by Ziemowit Maj.

More at Art MoCo.

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