Escapism by Daniel Widrig and Iris van Herpen
by Harry / March 3, 2011

London based architect Daniel Widrig is continuing his collaboration with Dutch fashion designer Iris van Herpen with Escapism, a second collection of 3D printed dresses recently shown at Paris Fashion Week.

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Escapism is a continuation of a project begun by Widrig & van Herpen with the Crystallization collection, the first fashion collection ever featuring 3D printed dresses, launched at Amsterdam Fashion Week in 2010.


Says architect Widrig, "Escapism attempted to further investigate possibilities and potentiality of advanced digital design techniques and computer aided manufacturing in the realm of haute couture fashion design. Based on earlier experiences made with digitally manufactured dresses, Escapism pushes the limits of 3D printing in order to increase the wearability of the pieces."


"The dresses are composed of clusters of fiber-like elements with minimized diameters. The fineness of the printed lines of the fabric makes the overall objects lightweight, flexible and allows for an economic production. The geometric concept further allowed the designers to create larger objects without comprimising wearability and the model's mobility on the catwalk."


The Escapism collection was produced with .MGX by Materialise using selective laser sintering in Polyamide.


Photos: Michel Zoeter

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