QuaDror Architectural System by Dror Benshetrit
by Harry / February 24, 2011

Designer Dror Benshetrit has announced a new architectural system called QuaDror that has potential applications in architecture, construction and disaster relief.

QuaDror is a space truss geometry with interlocking elements that provides structural integrity in a collapsible form.


Says Studio Dror, "Four years ago while experimenting in the workshop, Dror discovered a serendipitous geometry. Initially inspired by the aesthetic and flexibility of this versatile form, he soon realized the structural integrity of the interlocking members."


"Dror then embarked on four years of inspired and diligent investigations. Working in a collaborative and experimental environment, the team developed a unique structure that can adapt to a variety of conditions and configurations. These range from product design, trestle structures, dwellings, dividing walls, sound barriers, and more. Some applications take advantage of its load-bearing capabilities, while others capitalize on its acoustic properties, ease of manufacturing, collapsibility and energy performance."


The form has already been used in several Dror designs including the Volume.MGX lamp for Materialise above, and the Swarovski crystal Floor Chandelier below.


"Our goal is to inspire change. Working with creative and innovative experts from various fields, we aim to share and implement this geometry in urban design, architecture, philanthropic work, and public art. When realizing that the system could potentially bring a groundbreaking solution to the global issue of habitat, we were eager to complete our experimentations and share this discovery with the world." says Dror.

+ quadror.com


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