3D Glasses Necklace by Design Glut
by Harry / February 23, 2011

Designers Liz Kinnmark and Kegan Fisher have launched a new collection of jewelry thanks in part to a Kickstarter campaign last year that funded the development of the line.

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3D Glasses

The collection, now available, features 33 designs made of enamel-filled stainless steel. Here are a few of our favorites and a few Q&A's with designers Liz and Kegan.


Circuit Heart

Congrats on the new collection. Was there a theme, aesthetic or other that ties these pieces together?

We have several sub-themes running through the new collection, but the one thing that ties everything together is the material and way they're made. All the pieces are photo-etched stainless steel - a manufacturing process that allowed us to achieve incredibly fine detail.



Where do you get your ideas for your collections? And this one?

Design Glut has always been about making objects with clever twists. When we design necklaces, we think about the meaning of hanging something around your neck, or clever ways of using chain. We often work with existing cultural icons - such as the 3D glasses, Headphones, and World Links. There's always a concept. The Cluster necklaces (below) is part of our "flat jewels" series - necklaces which represent 3-dimensional gems in 2D.


World Links

Using Kickstarter to develop the collection is a relatively recent phenomenon, what was that experience like? Would you do it again?

Our Kickstarter drive was an amazing experience. We really had no idea what we were in for, how much work it would take, and on how many levels it would be rewarding. Kickstarter isn't just about raising money - it's about testing your ideas, engaging the community, and getting feedback. By the time it finished, we were confident that not only could we fund our project, but that we were making things that people were really interested in.

We would definitely use Kickstarter again, though probably for a different kind of project. The great thing about Kickstarter is it forces you to publicly define a goal. Once we posted the amount we were fundraising for and what we were going to do with it, we had to make it happen!



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