B25 Easy Chair by Cate & Nelson
by Harry / February 15, 2011

Cate & Nelson have designed a chair to commemorate the 25th anniversary of design brand Blå Station. The chair, called B25, is reminiscent of founder Börge Lindau's Oblado chair, an iconic round ring in birch first produced in 1986.



The Blå Station brief for Cate & Nelson was to base the product on the language of design that characterised Blå Station in its early days - the round birch-wood ring and natural tanned leather from Tärnsjö Tannery.



According to Cate & Nelson, "The result, B25, also builds on the idea of furnishings as members of a family - creating not just a single item of furniture, but a small series, a group of furnishings or a family based on the same idea and using the same basic components."


"The allusions to Börge Lindau's Oblado series are unmistakable. Blå Station first manufactured the iconic round ring in birch in 1986 - and the very same tool has now been used for B25. The covered back assumes its intended shape once it has been fitted in place in the ring, in the same way as the backrest on Hövding chair, for example."

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