Transformer Space Appliance by Dash Marshall
by Harry / February 9, 2011

A series of sliding partitions allow a renovated space in Kips Bay, New York to be reconfigured to meet the whims and needs of the occupants.

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Architect Dash Marshall's Transformer Space Appliance is part of "An Apartment for Space-Age Lovers", a full gut renovation of a 715 sq. ft. apartment in New York City. The Transformer is a space appliance, a rotating closet wall that enables further flexibility, including the ability to form a walk-in closet when desired.


These images show the Transformer from the perspective of the bedroom.


The apartment is one big flexible zone with parts that can be annexed, or closed off, using the Transformer Space Appliance.


The living room or bedroom can be annexed as needed. Kept closed, the Transformer Space Appliance functions as a large walk-through closet space.





This is the view from the bedroom to the living room.


The living room with the bedroom to the right.


Kitchen and entrance.


Our clients come from the future. They live in a small space capsule docked into the shell of a building designed by IM Pei in the 1960s. Smooth surfaces and strong reflections are familiar to them: life reflected in the curved glass visor of a space suit.

They wanted a home to charge up between missions; they wanted a place where every boot and book, every single little thing could be hidden away; they wanted something that would make the most out of their 715 square feet. They asked Dash Marshall to design a home that would do all of this with aplomb.

Dash replied with a highly flexible, intensely personal, high-gloss home for two Space-Age Lovers. The project is designed around four strategies:

*Simple Spaces*

How useful is a 2 foot long hallway? Not very. That's why we simplified the spaces of the apartment, making the rooms larger by removing hallways and transferring that square footage to the rooms themselves. By using sliding partitions the Space-Age Lovers can recombine the rooms of their apartment at will, yielding many different ways to live in the apartment.

*A friendly Black Hole*

The Black Hole is a flexible zone which can be annexed to the living room or bedroom, or optionally kept closed as a large walk-through closet space depending on the needs of The Lovers. It's big enough to gobble up anything The Lovers need to hide.

*Everything In Its Right Place*

The Space-Age Lovers came to Dash Marshall with a problem. They had too much stuff and wanted to be able to live in serenity, without being reminded of their earthly possessions on a daily basis. Dash protect The Lovers from their things by wrapping the apartment in an insulating layer of built-in storage where there's a place for everything.


The reflections of the Apartment tell the story of the zero-gravity life that our Space-Age Lovers strive to live. Through reflective surfaces and the new configuration of interior spaces, views within the Apartment are multiplied. This new sense of depth is an important addition to a small home that is also occasionally used as a workspace.


Photos: Elizabeth Wentling / Courtesy of Dash Marshall

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