Under My Roof by Christian Vivanco
by Harry / February 8, 2011

Christian Vivanco creates a connection between an architectural icon, the traditional red-roofed Nordic cottage, and the use of scale and proportion in a house shaped storage system.

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Says the designer, "Under My Roof is based on 3 axes: 1) The traditional cottage, with its angled red roof, easy to find both in the Nordic countries and the United Kingdom, as in Mexico and the United States. 2) A typical dollhouse. 3) The need to organize and store small items, specially in environments such as homes, offices, desks, children's rooms, etc..."


"These 3 axes are represented in a very simple and basic way. A vertical shelving system that makes use of the architectural elements already mentioned, where each level reflects the possibility of a different use, and where small details like the chimney find new values, not just functional, but rather, emotional. You can place Under My Roof on your desk or table, or also used as a shelf on the wall."



Under My Roof is part of a broader excercise by Vivanco that makes connections between architecture's icons and the use of scale and proportion in industrial design. Related projects include his roofed Hool Na chair and From A Lost City desk.


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